Contacts Information

MR.Adel Thabet,
Chairman of NANSC

CAP.Mohamed Said
Chairman technical Bureau General Manager
E-Mail :

Eng.Khaled Eisa Mohamed ,
Head of Engineering sector,
E-Mail :

Dr Eng.Mohamed Badr ,
Head of the operation & maintenance sector,
E-Mail :

CAP.Ismael Mansour ,
Head of ATC sector,
E-Mail :

Dr Mr.Abdel Khalek Rihan ,
Head of Financial,Commercial and Economic Sector,
E-Mail : Abdel

Ms.Hanan Fahmi ,
Head of Humman resources and administrative developement
E-Mail :

CAP.Ahmed Saleh ,
Head of AIS Sector,
E-Mail :

Support team &Web Master
Eng.Abd elbaset Abdelsalam
E-Mail : abd

Ms. Marwa Mostafa
E-Mail :

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