• The Egyptian Airspace is a controlled airspace where aircrafts are provided with air traffic control services, flight information services and alerting services .
  • In order to fly in the designated airspace ,pilots and operators are required to file a flight plan for each flight.
  • The Air Traffic Control Sector is tasked with the responsibility to ensure safe, regular and efficient operation of all flights.
  • The primary purpose of Air Traffic control is to prevent collisions between aircrafts and manage the flow of traffic in Cairo FIR .
  • Communication is an important aspect in air traffic control .
  • A very reliable communication system is established to achieve full coverage of Cairo FIR.
  • This system allows direct communication with aircraft and other ATC units in Egypt and in adjacent FIR .
  • Air Traffic Control Sector manages Cairo FIR through :

One Area Control Center in Cairo Air Navigation Center.

Eight Approch Control Centers located in the following international airports :

  1. Cairo
  2. Luxor
  3. Aswan
  4. Hurghada
  5. Sharm Elshikh
  6. Taba
  7. Elarish
  8. Borg Elarab

Twenty one Aerodrom Control Tower.





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