Administration & Finance & Human Resources


  • The Sector sees and ensures that financial regulations are to concerning staff training, staff salary, cash advance, budgeting and all other expenditures .
  • Collection of all revenue to the company .
  • Advising and monitoring of financial polices and expenditures to ensure compliance, discipline and accountably .
  • Documenting, Controlling and Managing all assets and investments of the company .
  • Preparation and defense of annual budgets .
  • Preparation of monthly / Quarterly financial and management accounting airports .
  • Ensure the company's Assets out investment activities .
  • Preparation of Annual Financial statements and accounts .
  • H.R Directorate essentially deals with personnel matters and Administration within the company, it ensures that harmonious and peaceful industrial atmosphere exists within the work environment, by instituting good staff packages, as provided for in the staff conditions of service Civil service rules .
  • Establishment circular and collective agreements personnel unit is also attached for the purpose of recruitment of new employees, staff - data salary administration, performance appraisal, promotion, transfer and upgrading of staff and posting .
  • Purchases and Supply units are also attached to allow for systematic and orderly procurement of goods and materials for the use of the company .
















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